Business Coaching

Business coaching is for individuals who either own a business they want to expand or are in a career they enjoy and are looking to advance. I have found particular success working with those in the Millennial Generation who own a business, are aspiring to management positions or are already in management.

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“Drew Lichtenberger is a person who knows how to inspire others. I have found him to be an extremely positive thinker, who searches out the best qualities in a person, then focuses on how to maximize use of them. I always felt that I was working effectively at my art sales business and arts journalism activities. However, Drew convinced me that I should reach for even higher aspirations. He perceived that I was capable of selling quite important paintings and writing for the best art magazines. In the past six years or so, I have seen many of these achievements come to pass. The inspiration from Drew was the springboard–diligence brought it all about. I can recommend Drew with confidence, as I know he genuinely cares about the welfare and success of others.
Heloise “Ginger” Levit, Atelier – Independent Fine Art Dealer


“After 3 months of weekly meetings my life was completely different. My confidence shot through the roof and all because Drew connected some dots in my life.  The most powerful thing Drew ever did for me was to help me understand what I was good at. He never seemed to try and get me to think one way or another or try to get me to follow a certain path. Rather, he would simply ask me questions to help me make my own decisions about business, work and relationships.  My company started to thrive and my income almost tripled.” – Tim, Small Business Owner