Career Coaching

Career coaching or vocational counseling is for individuals who desire guidance with determining their career direction, where the Prepare a Future service might not be the most appropriate fit for their needs. I work with any age group, though I particularly enjoy working with young and mid-life adults who are visionary, wanting to make a positive impact on their sphere of society–people who may feel that their current vocational track  is not the best fit for them and are looking to make a change.

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“My life was about to change drastically (getting married, leaving my current job and moving to a new country) and I wanted help thinking through my broader life desires and goals so that I could make intentional choices, rather than winding up somewhere in the future regretting that I never stopped to think about what I wanted. I think the most helpful thing Drew gave me was a greater sense of who I am, of what I’m good at, and what I enjoy.  I have always considered myself a confident person, but embracing my strengths and weaknesses gave me a greater sense of clarity about myself and how I should direct my future. That leads to greater contentment and peace.”                        – Charlotte, 27, Designer

“Drew has been an amazing advisor in helping me define and establish my young professional career. Drew has been with me from my college years through the transition into the actual career world. We have kept in touch about once per year when I have faced significant or intimidating career decisions. Looking back, it’s amazing how much his guidance has helped me shape my vocation. He listens with his head and heart to connect who you are with who you want to be by challenging you to explore yourself internally. He has even helped me to navigate ambiguous situations with supervisors and colleagues with positive results. I have a very high degree of trust and respect for Drew and will continue to consult him each year to help manage my career.” – Andrew, 27,  Financial Analyst & Project Manager, Healthcare Firm