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“Where there is no vision the people perish.”


The objective is continual movement toward the future vision.

Any individual or organization engaged in pursuing something innovative or unique will meet problems or obstacles, and even make mistakes. Encountering problems is not negative; however, problems should be seen as positive opportunities. I have found that most entities throw massive resources and effort into finding solutions to the symptoms of the dilemma rather than addressing the real problems. You have to ask five to seven times, “What is the problem?” before you get to the root cause of that which is holding you or your organization back.


“The purposes of a human heart are like deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.”


I help my clients pinpoint, with accuracy, the exact nature of their challenge. My objective is to guide individuals or organizations into constant forward movement in the right direction.

I help my clients by:

  • Enabling them to see vision
  • Providing clarity
  • Confronting and challenging them
  • Asking the hard questions
  • Identifying the real problem
  • Bringing order out of chaos
  • Helping them to see blind spots
  • Discovering truth

Results ensue.